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Help us take care of the animals here at the preserve and make a donation for any amount. You can make a one time donation or sign up for an automatic monthly donation. Donations are tax deductible.

Sponsorship Program 
Become a Wolf Watcher! Join us at the Lakota Wolf Preserve, taking care of one of these wonderful animals through our sponsorship program. Your financial contribution will assist with costs associated with feeding, medical needs, and all around general care for the wolves. We have three different types of yearly sponsorship including $25, $45, and $100.

Benefits of Sponsorship
All sponsors receive a certificate and write up of the wolf they are sponsoring, as well as access to our online newsletter about the preserve's progress and other benefits depending on the level of sponsorship. $25 sponsors receive one free admission and a 4x6 photo of the wolf. $45 sponsors receive two free admissions and a magnetic photo of the wolf. $100 sponsors receive three free admissions, a magnetic photo of the wolf, and a t-shirt.

We will be constantly adding new Lakota Wolf items, so check back regularly.

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1A Donation for Sassa

Sassa is a Tundra wolf pup born in captivity at another facility she was born with disabilities and with not much hope of a long life. We brought her to Lakota Wolf and have been working with her for 8 weeks now with the hopes of giving her a normal life and she is doing great. your donation will help with the extra costs of her special care